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We all know the story: In the beginning there was man and woman, Adam and Eve. God told them they were free to do WHATEVER they wanted except eat of the forbidden tree. Were they to do so, they would be cast from their beautiful garden home and into the darkness of the world. Of course, poor, weak Eve couldn’t resist. She is only woman after all and Snake tricked her- she wasn’t clever enough. And woman is bad, so she used her temptress powers to lure Adam away from his God and while it’s Eve’s fault for being tricked by Snake, it’s not Adam’s fault for being tricked by Eve. No, that’s on her as well.


Juicy Yumness
I always felt sorry for Eve. I remember feeling like she’d been horribly misjudged. After all, snakes are gross and scary and how can you not do what they tell you to? (I…

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Thank you….

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Power Exchange

Thanks to everyone who liked  “The Realm”.

After a long spell of serious writers block, it feels nice to wake up from the haze and start writing again. I started writing as soon as I learned to spell, everything from poetry to short stories and just random thoughts. My mind was a like a movie reel, with new ideas generating all the time.

Then boom, writers block set in and I stopped writing for years. I didn’t stop creating in other ways or living a life worth writing about but for some reason I could not put pen to paper.

I hope to never encounter writers block again, as I enjoy applying my digits to the keyboard and creating. I have a lot of catching up to do :0)

Wishing everyone a healthy & prosperous New Year!


Several years ago, I wanted to escape Earth, I wasn’t seeking death, instead I was seeking to exist on a new realm.  Problem was I wasn’t quite sure how to get to the next realm, except in video games, however, video games were not my thing, not even with 3D glasses on. I was lost in a world of  social media , daily shootings, ineffective government, crazy abuse of the innocent, and modern-day terrorism. My only escape from the chaos were my dreams, where I lived on a mystical Island, until each morning appeared and bore evidence I was still on earth.

Then one morning, instead of waking up on earth I woke up on the Mystical Island of my dreams.

I felt momentarily unclear of my surroundings, when an ethereal voice echoed out of no where”Welcome to Your Island, Mistress Chase. This place of beauty, far away from earth, now belongs to You to rule over”.   It nor You can not be found on any map  unless someone accidentally washes upon the shore during a shipwreck or  lucky enough for you to abduct them from earth and bring them here”. As those words washed over Me so did an energy force. It was so powerful and radiant that it did not take me long to realize the power that My new energy yielded.

I discovered, among other things, that I could elevate and fly, previously only possible in dreams. 

Although, I had no recollection of being bit I wondered if I had  been turned into a vampire?

Whatever, had happened to me,  I wasted no time flying around and  exploring My Magnificent surroundings.

As I explored  my new home,  I found it to be a place fit for a Goddess. Just as the voice said its beauty was truly beyond human imagination. The lush landscape was one similar to that of a tropical rainforest, however, without the daily rain needed to sustain it. There was always enough moisture in the air to keep everything dewy, including Me.

Waterfalls of various heights flowed into streams and rivers of clear unpolluted waters.  I flew over to the shoreline and saw the most beautiful beach I had ever seen, its water the color of turquoise.  My feet found it to be the perfect temperature as my eyes gazed upon  schools of colorful fish swimming freely below. However as I looked  good distance out, the waters were  midnight black, with steam rising from the surface, surrounded by large sharp edged rocks. It was clear that if anyone got to close they would die a painful death.

As I made my way back to  dry land I noticed the color of the vegetation was so vibrant that it was almost blinding. My Goddess energy, I found,  sustained all, including just the right amount of sun to heat & energize the days and just the right amount of  darkness to cool the night.  The menagerie of exotic animals, ranged from the  a wide variety of Mammals,  Butterflies,  Birds,  and reptiles, all except for snakes. I abhor snakes. And although, there are dangerous species of animals in all the groups I’ve listed, I had the power to  rid them of their predatory instinct  (unless in the face of danger If I needed them to be predatory).

When I was an earthly being I always had a furry pet of some kind. Here, with all of the choices presented to Me, I decided on a beautiful black jaguar cat, that I named sweets. For sheer entertainment,  I taught him to use a bullwhip with his mouth, quite the vision!

In the center of the Island, stood a sprawling, eight story magnificent white Mansion, so vast, that even with my ability to fly, it  still took me quite some time to explore.  The lush rooms all designed in their own theme, mesmerized Me. Never being in a mansion with eight stories, I wanted to be on its highest level. Although, there were elevators on each floor, I decided on the staircases instead. With my new-found powers, I traveled to the top of one of the  staircases at the speed of light. My new speed felt extraordinary! At the top of the stairs I found myself in front of  a dark brown wooden door, twice my height with vertical wrought iron panels placed symmetrically between the wood. The handles on each side of the door were made of the strongest black iron I had ever seen. To the right side of the door I saw a computerized key pad to enter.

A code to get in?

As my eyes focused on it, I saw the code in My mind and willed the enormous doors to open.

With such incredible powers, I must be a vampire! What else could possibly have this much power?

Delighted beyond belief, the doors magically opened.  My heart beat furiously at what I saw before Me, A dungeon so intricately laid out, that whoever designed it, knew the inside of  My mind.  A wicked smile graced My face, I was finally home.


I sat on a red velvet throne that was placed next to a metal wall, with wicked looking eye hooks all over it.  As I sat looking over my New Chambers, I  wondered  what small army would help Me to maintain this Empire? Once again the ethereal voice spoke to Me “Mistress Chase, you can go to earth any time  and abduct as many slaves as you wish to maintain your Island. I’m sure there would be plenty a slave who would want to escape earth’s drudgery. Just close your eyes and will your way  to earth and when you are ready to come home, will your way back. It’s that simple

Who’s voice was this, I could see no one?

Even with all the questions I had, instinctively, I closed my eyes and willed my way to earth. I still wasn’t sure if this was a dream or if this was my new reality but whatever it was I was a big fan!

Let the hunt begin.


One of my devoted slaves took me to lunch recently, our conversation centered around all things kink, as it usually does, however, it being close to Thanksgiving, we discussed all things Thanksgiving too. Throughout our lunch my mind suddenly started to envision a fun Thanksgiving role play scene, with 3 adventurous and quick witted slaves that I knew. They would not only be able to see the humor in the following scene but also be eager participants.


I would roll them up like a Turducken with delicious bread stuffing layered between each of their naked bodies. Each slave was different heights which would work perfectly! The 6 foot slave would be the Turkey, the 5’8  slave would be the chicken and the 5’5 slave one would be the duck.  All three slaves would lay on their sides shortest to the tallest. They would each keep enough space between them so that my servant and I could place delicious bread stuffing  between them. Then I would have them curl up into a fetus like position, ready to be garnished and tied like a bird.  I imagined wearing black opera length gloves, a black satin dress, adorned with pearls, while my male servant was to be dressed like an English Butler.


My servant would then cut a long piece of Butchers twine that I would use to tie the slaves together to keep them in a compressed position. Wrapping the string around the top slaves back, down to all of their cock n balls, along the front of the bottom slave’s chest, back around the tops back, down around his legs and binding them all together, ending with a knot on the bottom of their ankles.

Turducken bondage!

A long skewer would be placed between the stuffing of the second and first slave and they would be placed upon on a rotisserie rack.  Except for their faces, I decided to wrap them up in tin foil, for added moisture,  as well as to keep all the stuffing in its place. My servant and I would then take three apples and stuff one in each of their mouths. Stuffed, bound, gagged and foiled they were now ready to be our Thanksgiving feast!

Apple gags!

My Domme friends that  I would invite over for Thanksgiving would be delighted and amused with the slave Turducken turning round and round on a rotisserie for our viewing pleasure. We would sit around sip wine, poured by my servant, while laughing and talking about holiday feast in front of us!

Rotisserie wheel!

Needless to say when I related this fantasy to my slave, during lunch, he and I thought of many more possibilities on where this scene could go. The baskets that were filled with apples around the restaurant suddenly took on a different meaning, lol.