A Dommes Thanksgiving Feast

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Power Exchange
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One of my devoted slaves took me to lunch recently, our conversation centered around all things kink, as it usually does, however, it being close to Thanksgiving, we discussed all things Thanksgiving too. Throughout our lunch my mind suddenly started to envision a fun Thanksgiving role play scene, with 3 adventurous and quick witted slaves that I knew. They would not only be able to see the humor in the following scene but also be eager participants.


I would roll them up like a Turducken with delicious bread stuffing layered between each of their naked bodies. Each slave was different heights which would work perfectly! The 6 foot slave would be the Turkey, the 5’8  slave would be the chicken and the 5’5 slave one would be the duck.  All three slaves would lay on their sides shortest to the tallest. They would each keep enough space between them so that my servant and I could place delicious bread stuffing  between them. Then I would have them curl up into a fetus like position, ready to be garnished and tied like a bird.  I imagined wearing black opera length gloves, a black satin dress, adorned with pearls, while my male servant was to be dressed like an English Butler.


My servant would then cut a long piece of Butchers twine that I would use to tie the slaves together to keep them in a compressed position. Wrapping the string around the top slaves back, down to all of their cock n balls, along the front of the bottom slave’s chest, back around the tops back, down around his legs and binding them all together, ending with a knot on the bottom of their ankles.

Turducken bondage!

A long skewer would be placed between the stuffing of the second and first slave and they would be placed upon on a rotisserie rack.  Except for their faces, I decided to wrap them up in tin foil, for added moisture,  as well as to keep all the stuffing in its place. My servant and I would then take three apples and stuff one in each of their mouths. Stuffed, bound, gagged and foiled they were now ready to be our Thanksgiving feast!

Apple gags!

My Domme friends that  I would invite over for Thanksgiving would be delighted and amused with the slave Turducken turning round and round on a rotisserie for our viewing pleasure. We would sit around sip wine, poured by my servant, while laughing and talking about holiday feast in front of us!

Rotisserie wheel!

Needless to say when I related this fantasy to my slave, during lunch, he and I thought of many more possibilities on where this scene could go. The baskets that were filled with apples around the restaurant suddenly took on a different meaning, lol.


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