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Fairy Like Butterfly

The dark power of Me in your space, will unnerve you

you sense, as I capture you with My predacious amber colored eyes,

that there is no escape.

One leap of My strong, silken mass, will unhinge a fear in you.

victimized, you sit perfectly still.

your fear scent arouses this feral cat.

but before I bludgeon you with one stroke of My clawed paws,

and carry your carcass up a tree to feast on you in peace,

I change Myself into a tiny white butterfly, and flutter about

your shaken, and near bloody body, bringing a lightness

to your anguished soul, and life to your almost dead eyes.

For your sake, I hope that you don’t think to capture Me

and attempt to put Me in a exhibit box.

My body inhabits any animal, that is necessary for

My survival.

I will not hesitate.



Sometimes I am under pressure to perform a scene with a slave, quicker than anticipated.

Today was such a day, My slave texted Me from work and said he would be ten minutes late but that he had to leave on time anyway. The elaborate bondage scene I had planned for him was going to have to be scaled down to a minimum and the alone time he needed to decompress was also going to have to be cut down by five minutes.

What can I say, it happens. My slave had last minute pressures at work to contend with and a home life to get to, once our escape from reality was over. They don’t call it work for nothing. I was already in a space of frustration dealing with a client, earlier, who, seems to not be able to stop writing Me but can’t follow through with his desires most of the time. There was some monetary compensation for My aggravation. But come on, I’m a Domme, I live to create, to be in the moment in  sessions pushing buttons and inflicting torments.

As it turned out, I was able to do what was needed for forty five minutes with My slave. I quickly and efficiently put him in rope bondage, and was even able to get a little fancy with a new the wrist  bondage technique I learned. And although, I didn’t have much time to really delve in to deeply (no pun intended)  a few minutes of calm and quick thinking produced the escape from the every day, the experience of a new humiliation for My slave, and the ending that I wanted.

In that moment, standing over his hooded, bound, waxed, and wet exterior, as he echoed through his latex hood,

“Mistress may I?”

All felt centered again, as My wicked laughter filled the room.


I’ve being seeing a new submissive since January. He is in the educational field and is very intellectually gifted. Through our many conversations I found out that he has written a few books and does public speaking, in the classroom and other public venues. I not only enjoy tormenting him in session but I also enjoy our varied topics of conversation. As the months have gone by, I have told him that if we continue to session than he will become my slave, and I will have to give him a name.

We have enjoyed many sessions since January, so giving him a slave name has been on my mind for about a month now. Generally speaking, I am able to name My slaves on the spot. Usually during session I am creatively inspired and I will come up with a suitable name.

However, in the case of My new submissive, I was not able to come up with a name, as quickly. I like the sound of Roman names, and decided I wanted to name My newbie after a Roman philosopher, educator or perhaps someone in the Senate. I googled names that I liked but came up blank in finding one suitable for him. Then a couple of days later, I came across the name Cicero. He was a famous Roman philosopher, politician, orator, lawyer, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist. Amongst the many things that he was known for, his influence on European and Latin language exceeded that of any other prose writer in any language.

In our last session a few days ago, it was clear to Me that the name cicero was a fit.

Next is the slave naming ceremony. I told cicero that I would require a small section of his skin to etch in his new initials, “cMs” (cicero, My slave).

he gulped!

Trust thy Mistress, cicero.


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I have a client who sculpts. He asked Me if I would pose for a Sculpture that he wanted to do. He sent Me the photo below, titled “Plowshare” and told Me, he wanted to replace the male for a female and use my body as the model.

Plowshare  (1)

After, I saw the photo, I had to admit I was flattered, due to  the overall, strength & beauty of the sculpture. And him wanting My female form to represent that, I was in!

As he continues to work on the piece, he sends Me updates. I love watching his creative process unfold the beautiful image. The creative process is a wondrous endeavor. I’m a big fan!


I am looking forward to the finished sculpture!

I feel very bohemian today. I suppose I am bohemian, in spirit always, however, I am acutely aware of it on this day. The creative ways I conduct My sessions, my thought process, and my need to express Myself in (mostly) non conformist ways, largely spell this out for Me.

I was born into a creative spot and My life has followed suit every since. The arts, as wide and vast as they are, are alive in Me. In Me, the writer writes, the actors perform, the musicians creates magical sounds, the painter colors a blank canvas, the dancer moves me into this thing called life.

When I move through a session, with those that come to see Me, that scared space becomes an artistic landscape, upon which I produce a scene for a period of time. Most of the time, it comes to an end to quickly because as we all know, fun times seem to race by.

The art of Domination, is unique, individualistic, intelligently and creatively crafted. Intelligence is needed to understand the art and humor of D/s, and creativity is needed (in large part by the Dom) to shape a successful session!

The dark side of being creative, does not escape Me. What I know is the darkness exists because, not everyone has the courage to allow their creative side to flourish. Therefore, negative branding, jealously and judgment casts a false light on the enlightened.

Once enlightened, one cannot become unlighted.