My slave is on pins and needles becasue of our upcoming session this Saturday

Posted: June 4, 2015 in My Journal, Power Exchange
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My slave, cicero, with whom I’ve been sessioning with, for six months now, seems to be unnerved by our upcoming extended session on Saturday.

I delight in the fact that his is on pins and needles. And I understand his thought pattern. I have told him very little about the session, except that it will be edgy at times and it will be a lesson in trusting your Mistress.

He has told me a few times that he trusts Me.

Saturday, will test his trust.

he will read this and his thoughts will race (har, har).

Remember to take a couple of deep breathes, there is a safety net.

I did share a tidbit -there would be a naming ceremony and he suggested dinner.

There will be a light dinner to  recharge and calm.

It”s time to take our session up a notch or two.

Sleep well, cicero, you will need it!

Gute Nacht!


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