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At dusk, I bathe Myself

from head to toe in liquid latex.

The cool liquid clinging

like a glove against My recalescent skin.

Only visible, are My eyes,

ablaze, from the fire that burns within.

I gather my bag and fill it

with secret novelties to restrict and silence you,

I’ve studied your entire cave,

inside, outside, every nook and cranny.

In quiet sleek movements

I tread lightly on My padded paws,

lynx like, down the paved streets, towards you.

I’ve told you of My aphotic fantasy,

you wonder if this is the foretold night.

However, in your uneasy sleep,

you do not hear

the strong and agile Hunter

make her way towards you.

you have something I want

its no secret that I will have My way.

In silence, I edge so close, that

I’m almost inside of you.

With one swift movement

I bind your hands behind you.

your protests useless,

as my hand covers your mouth,

then tape, wrapped several times,

stops your nonsense.

Before  you can blink,

My hands around your neck,

I force My breath into you,

until My breath is yours.

This Burglaratix is going to take

what she came for now.

Lie perfectly still my sweet,

many can only fantasize of such dark