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I feel very bohemian today. I suppose I am bohemian, in spirit always, however, I am acutely aware of it on this day. The creative ways I conduct My sessions, my thought process, and my need to express Myself in (mostly) non conformist ways, largely spell this out for Me.

I was born into a creative spot and My life has followed suit every since. The arts, as wide and vast as they are, are alive in Me. In Me, the writer writes, the actors perform, the musicians creates magical sounds, the painter colors a blank canvas, the dancer moves me into this thing called life.

When I move through a session, with those that come to see Me, that scared space becomes an artistic landscape, upon which I produce a scene for a period of time. Most of the time, it comes to an end to quickly because as we all know, fun times seem to race by.

The art of Domination, is unique, individualistic, intelligently and creatively crafted. Intelligence is needed to understand the art and humor of D/s, and creativity is needed (in large part by the Dom) to shape a successful session!

The dark side of being creative, does not escape Me. What I know is the darkness exists because, not everyone has the courage to allow their creative side to flourish. Therefore, negative branding, jealously and judgment casts a false light on the enlightened.

Once enlightened, one cannot become unlighted.



A woman, who with time, still puts forth the effort

A accumulation of experiences, both good and bad

One who has forged her own path, of courage and conviction

A passionate one, who lives her life with gusto and swag,

moving forward, in a fluid dance, leaving old shoes to small for her

now, behind.

A potent elixir,  a type of beauty that flows deep within the veins.

A woman worth her weight in gold,

The Exalted One.