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Sometimes I am under pressure to perform a scene with a slave, quicker than anticipated.

Today was such a day, My slave texted Me from work and said he would be ten minutes late but that he had to leave on time anyway. The elaborate bondage scene I had planned for him was going to have to be scaled down to a minimum and the alone time he needed to decompress was also going to have to be cut down by five minutes.

What can I say, it happens. My slave had last minute pressures at work to contend with and a home life to get to, once our escape from reality was over. They don’t call it work for nothing. I was already in a space of frustration dealing with a client, earlier, who, seems to not be able to stop writing Me but can’t follow through with his desires most of the time. There was some monetary compensation for My aggravation. But come on, I’m a Domme, I live to create, to be in the moment in  sessions pushing buttons and inflicting torments.

As it turned out, I was able to do what was needed for forty five minutes with My slave. I quickly and efficiently put him in rope bondage, and was even able to get a little fancy with a new the wrist  bondage technique I learned. And although, I didn’t have much time to really delve in to deeply (no pun intended)  a few minutes of calm and quick thinking produced the escape from the every day, the experience of a new humiliation for My slave, and the ending that I wanted.

In that moment, standing over his hooded, bound, waxed, and wet exterior, as he echoed through his latex hood,

“Mistress may I?”

All felt centered again, as My wicked laughter filled the room.




Having a few years under my belt as a Pro Domme, I relish a  D/s session where the power exchange plays out like a perfect symphony. There is something other worldly when that non vanilla energy starts to permeate the room and I am able to orchestrate the session with the kind of power that brings about both Dom & sub space.

In that space, the vanilla world is forgotten and whatever else may of ailed either of us prior to the session has long been forgotten. The spontaneous creativity that pours out of Me in this type of session never ceases to amaze Me. Be it the verbalization that can accompany a fun role playing scenario and or a particular bondage tie & position that I restrict the sub in.

Or be it the top executive who’s wish it is to be My little sissy slut. Upon arrival, his type A personality has a hard time surrendering to anything larger than himself. I am familiar with this scene. And after commanding  him out of his suit & tie, and adorning him with the appropriate attire, a more submissive attitude starts to blossom.  Panties, stockings,  just the right shade of lipstick, wig and a new name, of my choosing  she suddenly becomes the submissive of My Realm. The power exchange has started and the fun begins!

A great energy exchange isn’t necessarily contingent upon the type of scene; instead it is a synergy between the Domme and her subject. Don’t get me wrong the scene can certainly enhance a great energy exchange but it really is contingent upon the dance between the two. The Domme should establish her Dominance and be inspired to lead her subject into sub space. When this happens, living in the moment becomes a reality. The beauty of course being that  the mind and body exist only in the present.

As a slave once said long ago, a great session can cure everything but cancer. I wickedly, concur.

M. Chase