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At dusk, I bathe Myself

from head to toe in liquid latex.

The cool liquid clinging

like a glove against My recalescent skin.

Only visible, are My eyes,

ablaze, from the fire that burns within.

I gather my bag and fill it

with secret novelties to restrict and silence you,

I’ve studied your entire cave,

inside, outside, every nook and cranny.

In quiet sleek movements

I tread lightly on My padded paws,

lynx like, down the paved streets, towards you.

I’ve told you of My aphotic fantasy,

you wonder if this is the foretold night.

However, in your uneasy sleep,

you do not hear

the strong and agile Hunter

make her way towards you.

you have something I want

its no secret that I will have My way.

In silence, I edge so close, that

I’m almost inside of you.

With one swift movement

I bind your hands behind you.

your protests useless,

as my hand covers your mouth,

then tape, wrapped several times,

stops your nonsense.

Before  you can blink,

My hands around your neck,

I force My breath into you,

until My breath is yours.

This Burglaratix is going to take

what she came for now.

Lie perfectly still my sweet,

many can only fantasize of such dark



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I met cicero, with plenty of bags full of toys for his kidnapping scene. His nervousness was apparent, as he came to help Me with My bags. Being fairly new to the world of S/M, he was getting quite the education from Me. I discussed a more “lengthy and “edgy” scene than the mere two hours that we generally spend together playing. He agreed, although, he didn’t know that he was agreeing to being kidnapped. And for obvious reasons I had no plans on telling him.

A day prior to the scene, I met with him and gave him a white bag with a pair of frilly white panties, with two tiny crimson colored bows on either side of them. I instructed him to wear them for our session. After my bags were placed in the room, I had him pull his pants and underwear down so I could fit him with a metal chastity device, that looked like a piece of Roman Armour. Never having worn a chastity device, this was new to him.

His various attempts to control what was going to happen to him was quickly stopped by Me. I sensed his need to control because much of his life was about being in charge. He and others like him, seek out  professional Dominatrixes to balance the unbalanced in their lives. Hence, why after several months of seeing him, it was time to have him Really loose control by taking him outside of the dungeon setting without him knowing what I was going to do.

To start the role play, I feigned disappointment at not having brought enough toys for our little adventure, and told him we had to go to the dungeon so I could pick up the missing items. In the car he tried at small talk. I shut his attempt at control down (again) by demanding his silence and turning up the music really loud.

At the dungeon, I instructed him on his knees, facing away from Me. From my closet I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and quickly placed them on his wrists. Next I placed a black cotton hood, with cut outs where his nose and mouth are, over his head. I then explained to him that I was upset at him stealing both my panties and my money, as I pulled the white envelope full of money out of his back pocket (where I told him earlier to keep it). At the start of his protests, I firmly placed a gag in his mouth that turned his words of protests into muffled sounds against the round ball in his mouth. As I continued with my verbal  assault against him and expressing various ways in which I could punish him for his transgressions, he began to understood that we were headed towards role play…were we ever.

When he heard a male voice in the room, I felt his mind scrambling to put this part of the puzzle together.  A week prior to the session I asked Master Kevin to assist Me with the first part of the kidnapping scene. I was happy when he agreed because his presence would add another dimension to the scene. Our conversation about cicero, while he was cuffed, blindfolded and gagged, consisted of Me cutting cicero up and tossing him into the bay, to Master Kevin and friends having their way with him, and turning him into a little bitch. It was decided that whatever happened, we were going to take him for a little ride. Master Kevin being of considerable size and muscle, forced cicero off of his knees and we led him to MK’s hatchback. With one swift move, MK tossed him in the back of the SUV. I covered cicero with a blanket and sat next to him, gripping tightly on a leash that I attached to his collar.


The thrill of driving him around, talking about what we were going to do to him, as well as other topics besides him, was both humorous and fun. We continued our little ride for twenty more minutes while cicero tossed from side to side. Since cicero,  was quite the orator, it was nice to have him silenced and unsure of what was to transpire.

Under the guise that we were going to put him in another car to take him beyond the gates of MK’s home, to the basement, where We finally decided that he would face all types of depravities, We drove back to My car and MK, tossed him in the backseat of My car. MK and I parted ways and I drove the muted and clueless cicero back to his place. By the time I clued him in on his whereabouts I  released him of all his captive restraints, (I didn’t want to draw attention from the people outside) and we made our way inside.

Because the kidnapping experience was not only a endorphin rush  but also a psychological, and emotional rush, I decided it was time to regroup and go out to eat. And although, I did not allow cicero to drive nor order our meal, I did allow him to speak freely about his kidnapping experience. It was interesting to listen to his thoughts, which I have encouraged him to write about.

Back  to his place, cicero, knew it was time to prepare for his naming ceremony. With the realization that I was going to carve the initials cMs (cicero My slave) into the meaty part of his calf with the tip of a very sharp knife, he was bracing himself for the perceived pain that it might cause him.

Naked, except for his chastity device, and panties, I tied his wrists to the metal posts on the night lights by the bed and his ankles to the bed frame legs below. I take delight in finding different places to tie a slave to, when I am outside of the dungeon setting. It takes creativity and thought to find those places sometimes.

As I cleaned my instrument and the space on his thigh for etching, and placed a towel underneath his calf, for dripping blood I instructed the distressed cicero to brace himself; adding to his fear. I got a chuckle out of this because I had no intent on cutting him deep enough to draw any blood. I found some classical music on Pandora and started on My slave’s new name.

His deep breathing was audible as I started carving away. Something came over Me as I started carving and instead of sticking to the agreed upon initials, cMs, the letter s. and the name cicero came out. The only plausible explanation I have for this is that I went far into Dom space and forgot the limits of My professional title. As a professional I am bound by a certain code of ethics, like not marking or leaving visible signs of our session because a large percentage of  My clients are married.  I follow this code, ninety nine percent of the time. However, I am only human (at times) and I live to create, and true creativity has no bounds, it needs to live outside of restrictions to thrive. With that being said, I etched the first couple of layers of his skin off with each letter using the tip of the knife and took up more space on his calf then intended.


After releasing cicero from his ropes, we both peered at his new marking on his calf in wonderment. He admitted that his angst was more psychological than physical. With Me not cutting deep enough to draw blood there was only minor involuntary twitching of his leg, at times and all types of harrowing thoughts rummaging through his mind.

I planned it that way. However, as I mentioned above what I didn’t plan was the non discreet size of his slave name on his skin. We would have to figure out what to do about that soon. But not on this night, we were both tired and cicero was on “subspace overload”. and he needed time to decompress. And I needed sleep. I had been planning this “episode” for over a week now and I was tired both physically and mentally. I made sure to take the next day off and do nothing.

Glad I did because “Top Drop” came knocking on My door and I pampered myself and took it easy for the next twenty four hours to regain My balance.

cicero and I have moved to another phase in our D/s relationship.

My slave, cicero, with whom I’ve been sessioning with, for six months now, seems to be unnerved by our upcoming extended session on Saturday.

I delight in the fact that his is on pins and needles. And I understand his thought pattern. I have told him very little about the session, except that it will be edgy at times and it will be a lesson in trusting your Mistress.

He has told me a few times that he trusts Me.

Saturday, will test his trust.

he will read this and his thoughts will race (har, har).

Remember to take a couple of deep breathes, there is a safety net.

I did share a tidbit -there would be a naming ceremony and he suggested dinner.

There will be a light dinner to  recharge and calm.

It”s time to take our session up a notch or two.

Sleep well, cicero, you will need it!

Gute Nacht!

Fairy Like Butterfly

The dark power of Me in your space, will unnerve you

you sense, as I capture you with My predacious amber colored eyes,

that there is no escape.

One leap of My strong, silken mass, will unhinge a fear in you.

victimized, you sit perfectly still.

your fear scent arouses this feral cat.

but before I bludgeon you with one stroke of My clawed paws,

and carry your carcass up a tree to feast on you in peace,

I change Myself into a tiny white butterfly, and flutter about

your shaken, and near bloody body, bringing a lightness

to your anguished soul, and life to your almost dead eyes.

For your sake, I hope that you don’t think to capture Me

and attempt to put Me in a exhibit box.

My body inhabits any animal, that is necessary for

My survival.

I will not hesitate.




Like a whirlwind, I felt myself being propelled downward at high velocity. With my eyes still closed, I landed feet first, in a crouched position, with a surprisingly cushioned effect, on the cold concrete below.  As I slowly opened my eyes in uncertainty and scanned my surroundings an animalistic feeling came over Me. A sense of invincibility and power filled my insides with a force so strong I felt ready to take on anyone and anything.  My eyes saw things more clearly than I could previously remember. New contacts? As I stared at the ground, I saw every micro insect, germ, dirt, and small particle inside of the cracks on the concrete, that no normal human eye could see.  I blinked My eyes a couple of times to check if My contacts were in place.  I placed my forefinger & thumb in my right eye to see if I could pull out a contact.  I felt nothing but my bare eye. I focused my vision straight ahead of me and realized I could see streets, that were miles away, as if they were inches from My face.

As the memories of my old neighborhood came to me, so did my time spent there. The sounds of cars, horns, music, laughter and talk came pouring into my brain like a flood. The aroma of restaurant food, people, perfume, mixed with the stench of garbage, the homeless, and the cool evening air, flooded my nostrils with such power that I felt overwhelmed. My sense of smell prior to whatever had happened to Me was good but this keen sense was nothing short of primal. I turned to the row of buildings that faced the alley and realized that I was behind The Dormitory, the local gay dance club.  My super vision saw bodies of all types glistening as they gyrated to the techno beats of the DJ. Whispers, laughter and late night conversations filled my mind with exact detail. The erotic vision of two hot men having sex in the stall of the bathroom made my nostrils flare, like an animal. The top muffled his groans, against the bottoms ear as he shoved his hard cock into the bottoms hungry hole while using his body to pin him against the stall. His right hand covered the top of the bottoms moaning mouth while he used his other arm to push his left arm against the stall. Like a big cat in the wild this made me want to hunt for someone I could pounce on. However, before I could hunt for prey, the muffled sounds of a someone in need drew my heightened attention to one of the many abandoned houses next to the alley. I saw a junkie who was on his last breath. In a split second, I was at his side only to find him with a blood filled needle in his tattered veins. The stink of his approaching death  made me nauseous. His head was slumped over, with drool running out of his half opened mouth. The loudness of his weakening pulse, in my ears alerted me that I had minutes to possibly save his life. I needed to get him to a hospital.

“You can carry him, put him over your shoulder and take him to the nearest hospital and drop him off at the ambulance that waited outside. Focus, block out all other thoughts”. The voice instructed Me.

Sensing the urgency I untied the rubber syringe, and took the blood filled needle out of his arm. I decided to burn it so no other junkie could get ahold of it. I set it on the ground. A small flame ignited and burned it until it was no more.


Before my mind got lost in the awe of what I just did, I put him over my shoulder and with the speed of a Cheetah I transferred him to the nearest Hospital. My keen eye sight made it possible to see the hospital miles away. It occurred to me in transit, that someone might see Me, which I’m not sure was a good idea considering I was a 5’7, slender  woman traveling at the speed of light, carrying a almost dead junkie over my shoulder.

“You are invisible  and can only be seen if you want others to see you. Place him on a the stretcher inside of the ambulance and the medics will take him to the emergency room. They will think it was them that rescued him”.

Ok! I answered back mentally, making a mental note that I had to get to the bottom of who this dam voice was that was guiding me.

I  placed him on the available stretcher, alongside the two medics. The minute his body touched the bed, the medics, as if they had rescued him wheeled him out of the van into the hospital. As I looked around people were going on with their lives without noticing Me at all. Just as the voice said.


“Good job”, the voice sounded again.

I had to admit it even though I wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable in My new skin yet, it felt good to save someone’s life. If only more people in power did good things with their talents.

Who are you, who am I now? I asked the voice. No answer. So this was a one way street, The voice could talk to Me whenever it wanted. It was apparent I was not the Top in this situation.

As I walked away, invisible to everyone around me, I remembered that I was very close to my old dungeon and started walking in that direction. I smiled at the thought because  I was Mistress Chase  in Uber mode.

Truly a gift.

With all the cars around I wondered where my old Beamer was, as I thought of it, my mind saw it parked at my old dungeon.  Apparently, I didn’t need a car anymore because my current speed was faster than a car, possibly even a plane. I would have to fly next to a plane sometime and find out.  The thought of flying propelled me into the nights sky, I found I liked being up high. I used to dream about flying all the time. However,  the closest I came to it  in my past life was taking aerial classes, gliding through the air with silk rope. I did not need those classes now. I landed in front of the heavy locked doors of the dungeon and heard the voice of Mistress Von Pain and the pleading  groans of her slave. Legendary for her no mercy bullwhip techniques, she left many a willing masochist bloody, broken and coming back for more. As I pulled at the door to see if my powers would allow me to unlock the  doors, the voice said, “ you also have the power to  walk through structures”.  I did just that. I could get used to this.

“you will take ten more strokes slave”. Mistress Von Pain, instructed her slave, as I entered the room, like a ghost.

The tip of her bullwhip quickly and efficiently drew tiny driblets of blood from his beaten back. The slave hung his head and let out a final long sob against his gag. A visceral sensation moved my hands to take the bullwhip out of her knowledgeable hands and continue to strike the poor soul.  I slashed, every inch of his back with a precision that left a creative yet painful pattern on his back. Needless to say, it took him almost passing out before I could stop Myself. Energy flowed through my veins like the blood of life.

I felt ready to get what I came for.

I left Mistress Von Pain and her slave without there knowledge that I had ever been there. My old locked closet with all its belongings was still nestled in the corner. I walked through the rest of dungeon rooms recalling the many times I was in them. As I walked  towards the back where many Mistress parties were held and movies were made, I  detected a human heartbeat and could smell bodily distress.

This new sense of smell was really something else.

As I got closer, I saw that it was nick, the young good looking service slave of Mistress Dominica. He was naked, and huddled  in a corner, with his arms  raised above him, chained to a o ring in the wall. Each leather restraint on his wrists was locked with a padlock, only his owner had the key. Of course she was no where around and probably planned on leaving him chained all night. Mistress Dominica gave Dommes a bad name. She was a Russian transport, who dared call herself a Domme. Although, a woman of forty, she had the mind of a girl. Girls don’t make good Dommes, it takes a Woman’s insight, intellect and experience to earn the title of a good Dominant. What drew slaves to her was her unmistakable beauty. At 5’8, with a body of a Goddess, long black tresses, flawless skin and deep green eyes, she mesmerized the strongest of men.  Unfortunately, for the men always beckoning to be her slaves, they eventually found themselves broke and degraded by a girl, instead of owned and trained correctly by a confident woman.

nick had all the makings of a good houseboy and I needed one. He was in the right place at the right time.

“nick, it’s Mistress Chase, wake up, it’s time to go to a better place” I nudged him, as I unfastened his locks with my will and swept his musky body up in my arms. Not accustomed to being called by his original name, it took him a moment to open his eyes and process what was going on. His previous owner renamed him nicky. Renaming ones slave was common and as his new owner, I would soon do so, as well. I placed him in the nearby shower and turned the water on cold to wake him.  As the bitter flow woke him up as his eyes opened, he steadied himself against the shower walls, starring at Me in disbelief.

“It’s ok, your situation is about to improve beyond your imagination, trust Me.”.  I stroked the side of his boyish face gently to assure him of my good intent. “Clean yourself up, we have a journey to make”. The power of my gaze, calmed him enough to get him to grin, and he immediately started to soap his nubile body.  The long strong masculine lines of his body and his six pack abs did not go unnoticed by Me, nor did his beautiful hard throbbing cock. As the drops of water formed tiny beads on his physique that animalistic urge that I felt earlier, outside of the gay club, had him on his back in a split second with my shrine positioned on his face.

“Feed from Me, my slave, you are going to need the stamina”. I said. Without much hesitation, his tongue started to explore My warm wetness. A slight moan escaped his mouth as he grabbed the top of My thighs closer to his face. I bore My superiority into his hungry mouth as he sucked on My clit while his tongue slowly circled around the edges of My swollen lips. As he greedily sucked the swell of my hot flesh, his muffled groans were enough to start my ascend into primordial ecstasy.  I was surprised how quickly my desire grew. I clenched his head between my powerful thighs and grabbed a handful of his soft golden locks tightly in my hands.  My body started to shake from the most intense sensation that I have ever felt.  My convulsions were so fierce, that nick’s long body began to convulse as well.  We were like bucking bronco and rider.

“Arghhh, oh yes, I am coming, 000hhh” I heard myself mutter,  My orgasmic spams gyrated against nick’s eager tongue that produced a sultry flush of come like I had never experienced.

“Oh Mistress, you taste sooo good, oh” I heard nick whisper as he lapped and sucked all of Me into him like a new vampire feeding from the blood of his Master.

“Mistress, please, oh Mistress, can I ohhhh, I can’t, I’m,  I’m coming”.  As I felt his lower regions pulse into the air, I  managed to turn my head and see his raging hard on, throb violently, as a waterfall of thick white fluid poured out into a stream of ecstasy, that flowed into a river all over his strong upper thighs and delicious abs. His erotic reaction to Me, caused My orgasm to continue to pour My heavenly nectar into his  mouth. Our bodies felt like they were being lifted into the universe by a momentum beyond anything mortal. After what seemed like an eternity, the movement of our bodies stopped and I slowly lay my satiated body on top of his. I noticed a strength in my movement that prior to the mind blowing orgasm I’d had a few minutes ago, was not there. I glanced at Nick and noticed his once tame look, was more feral. His once lanky muscular, physic, was a mass of ripping muscles.  Past his bulging veins I could see that his blood looked like a potent serum of vitality.

Instinctively,  I sunk my teeth,  now more like canines, into one of those bulging veins of his substantial neck.

“Mistress, what, what,  arghhh are you… ?” He murmured, not being able to get the words completely out. By the way he offered his neck to My feral bite, I could tell he liked it. I latched on and pierced through his taut skin until I felt his thick liquid gush into my mouth.  Like  pomegranate juice, it was sweet and tart at the same time. I pulled back to see a heavy deep red plush liquid flowing from his neck. Although, his low groans were those of pleasure, I placed my mouth back on the small wounds I inflicted on him, to stop the blood flow and closed his skin back to its un punctured state.  I bit down on the artery on my wrist and drew My own blood.  It was the same plush liquid that spilled from Nicks neck.  It wasn’t so much the taste of blood I was after, as I was to see the new potency that filled us both.

This potency was the Nectar of Goddesses. By feeding nick my Nectar, I transferred a unworldly power unto him. I sensed our immortality, nick was now stronger than all humans. However, as his Maker, his power was less than mine.

“Mistress, something is different, I feel different, invincible, if I may say so Mistress”.

“Yes, I believe we are invincible, the situation is  more than I can explain right now. We have little time to dwell on the matter because it is time to gather My army”. With little effort I pushed myself off of him and extended my arm out to pull his potent body up to a standing position.”

“It’s time for our hunt”

Before I knew it our mortal forms were changed into two feline Cheetahs, the fastest running land animal on earth. We glanced at each other not sure about anything as our instincts overtook us.

At the speed of light we were out of the door and running from 0 to 60 miles in 3 seconds flat. With nick only a few feet behind Me, I saw our prey several miles away, Navy Seals preparing for danger wherever that may be.

Those boys were mine now, to protect the Island of Mistress Chase.