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Wonderful Memories:

United Airlines–in Chicago??

Miss, do you need a ride?

The Goddess final arrives—and those tight jeans

What no stockings? SIL to the rescue-

A truly terrible breakfast in the room

Bouley and the fabulous leg photo


The magnificent nectar and adoration

Carnegie Deli

Collar ceremony–I feel so honored and proud

More adoration and an A-

Italian restaurant and seating problem—-19 phone calls

The Lion King

Rickshaw ride


Russian Tea Room

Rockefeller Center

Horse/carriage ride thru Central Park

Constant adoration and those spectacular shoes

Kissing the silver shoes and sleeping with them

Silver shoes on night stand

Oh, please do not take off the stockings!!

Laffite Rothschild

Monday is a sad day because it means farewell; but, perhaps, one last kiss of those
wonderful silver toes

Eight weeks til San Diego

I quite simply, unequivocally adore you!














Like a whirlwind, I felt myself being propelled downward at high velocity. With my eyes still closed, I landed feet first, in a crouched position, with a surprisingly cushioned effect, on the cold concrete below.  As I slowly opened my eyes in uncertainty and scanned my surroundings an animalistic feeling came over Me. A sense of invincibility and power filled my insides with a force so strong I felt ready to take on anyone and anything.  My eyes saw things more clearly than I could previously remember. New contacts? As I stared at the ground, I saw every micro insect, germ, dirt, and small particle inside of the cracks on the concrete, that no normal human eye could see.  I blinked My eyes a couple of times to check if My contacts were in place.  I placed my forefinger & thumb in my right eye to see if I could pull out a contact.  I felt nothing but my bare eye. I focused my vision straight ahead of me and realized I could see streets, that were miles away, as if they were inches from My face.

As the memories of my old neighborhood came to me, so did my time spent there. The sounds of cars, horns, music, laughter and talk came pouring into my brain like a flood. The aroma of restaurant food, people, perfume, mixed with the stench of garbage, the homeless, and the cool evening air, flooded my nostrils with such power that I felt overwhelmed. My sense of smell prior to whatever had happened to Me was good but this keen sense was nothing short of primal. I turned to the row of buildings that faced the alley and realized that I was behind The Dormitory, the local gay dance club.  My super vision saw bodies of all types glistening as they gyrated to the techno beats of the DJ. Whispers, laughter and late night conversations filled my mind with exact detail. The erotic vision of two hot men having sex in the stall of the bathroom made my nostrils flare, like an animal. The top muffled his groans, against the bottoms ear as he shoved his hard cock into the bottoms hungry hole while using his body to pin him against the stall. His right hand covered the top of the bottoms moaning mouth while he used his other arm to push his left arm against the stall. Like a big cat in the wild this made me want to hunt for someone I could pounce on. However, before I could hunt for prey, the muffled sounds of a someone in need drew my heightened attention to one of the many abandoned houses next to the alley. I saw a junkie who was on his last breath. In a split second, I was at his side only to find him with a blood filled needle in his tattered veins. The stink of his approaching death  made me nauseous. His head was slumped over, with drool running out of his half opened mouth. The loudness of his weakening pulse, in my ears alerted me that I had minutes to possibly save his life. I needed to get him to a hospital.

“You can carry him, put him over your shoulder and take him to the nearest hospital and drop him off at the ambulance that waited outside. Focus, block out all other thoughts”. The voice instructed Me.

Sensing the urgency I untied the rubber syringe, and took the blood filled needle out of his arm. I decided to burn it so no other junkie could get ahold of it. I set it on the ground. A small flame ignited and burned it until it was no more.


Before my mind got lost in the awe of what I just did, I put him over my shoulder and with the speed of a Cheetah I transferred him to the nearest Hospital. My keen eye sight made it possible to see the hospital miles away. It occurred to me in transit, that someone might see Me, which I’m not sure was a good idea considering I was a 5’7, slender  woman traveling at the speed of light, carrying a almost dead junkie over my shoulder.

“You are invisible  and can only be seen if you want others to see you. Place him on a the stretcher inside of the ambulance and the medics will take him to the emergency room. They will think it was them that rescued him”.

Ok! I answered back mentally, making a mental note that I had to get to the bottom of who this dam voice was that was guiding me.

I  placed him on the available stretcher, alongside the two medics. The minute his body touched the bed, the medics, as if they had rescued him wheeled him out of the van into the hospital. As I looked around people were going on with their lives without noticing Me at all. Just as the voice said.


“Good job”, the voice sounded again.

I had to admit it even though I wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable in My new skin yet, it felt good to save someone’s life. If only more people in power did good things with their talents.

Who are you, who am I now? I asked the voice. No answer. So this was a one way street, The voice could talk to Me whenever it wanted. It was apparent I was not the Top in this situation.

As I walked away, invisible to everyone around me, I remembered that I was very close to my old dungeon and started walking in that direction. I smiled at the thought because  I was Mistress Chase  in Uber mode.

Truly a gift.

With all the cars around I wondered where my old Beamer was, as I thought of it, my mind saw it parked at my old dungeon.  Apparently, I didn’t need a car anymore because my current speed was faster than a car, possibly even a plane. I would have to fly next to a plane sometime and find out.  The thought of flying propelled me into the nights sky, I found I liked being up high. I used to dream about flying all the time. However,  the closest I came to it  in my past life was taking aerial classes, gliding through the air with silk rope. I did not need those classes now. I landed in front of the heavy locked doors of the dungeon and heard the voice of Mistress Von Pain and the pleading  groans of her slave. Legendary for her no mercy bullwhip techniques, she left many a willing masochist bloody, broken and coming back for more. As I pulled at the door to see if my powers would allow me to unlock the  doors, the voice said, “ you also have the power to  walk through structures”.  I did just that. I could get used to this.

“you will take ten more strokes slave”. Mistress Von Pain, instructed her slave, as I entered the room, like a ghost.

The tip of her bullwhip quickly and efficiently drew tiny driblets of blood from his beaten back. The slave hung his head and let out a final long sob against his gag. A visceral sensation moved my hands to take the bullwhip out of her knowledgeable hands and continue to strike the poor soul.  I slashed, every inch of his back with a precision that left a creative yet painful pattern on his back. Needless to say, it took him almost passing out before I could stop Myself. Energy flowed through my veins like the blood of life.

I felt ready to get what I came for.

I left Mistress Von Pain and her slave without there knowledge that I had ever been there. My old locked closet with all its belongings was still nestled in the corner. I walked through the rest of dungeon rooms recalling the many times I was in them. As I walked  towards the back where many Mistress parties were held and movies were made, I  detected a human heartbeat and could smell bodily distress.

This new sense of smell was really something else.

As I got closer, I saw that it was nick, the young good looking service slave of Mistress Dominica. He was naked, and huddled  in a corner, with his arms  raised above him, chained to a o ring in the wall. Each leather restraint on his wrists was locked with a padlock, only his owner had the key. Of course she was no where around and probably planned on leaving him chained all night. Mistress Dominica gave Dommes a bad name. She was a Russian transport, who dared call herself a Domme. Although, a woman of forty, she had the mind of a girl. Girls don’t make good Dommes, it takes a Woman’s insight, intellect and experience to earn the title of a good Dominant. What drew slaves to her was her unmistakable beauty. At 5’8, with a body of a Goddess, long black tresses, flawless skin and deep green eyes, she mesmerized the strongest of men.  Unfortunately, for the men always beckoning to be her slaves, they eventually found themselves broke and degraded by a girl, instead of owned and trained correctly by a confident woman.

nick had all the makings of a good houseboy and I needed one. He was in the right place at the right time.

“nick, it’s Mistress Chase, wake up, it’s time to go to a better place” I nudged him, as I unfastened his locks with my will and swept his musky body up in my arms. Not accustomed to being called by his original name, it took him a moment to open his eyes and process what was going on. His previous owner renamed him nicky. Renaming ones slave was common and as his new owner, I would soon do so, as well. I placed him in the nearby shower and turned the water on cold to wake him.  As the bitter flow woke him up as his eyes opened, he steadied himself against the shower walls, starring at Me in disbelief.

“It’s ok, your situation is about to improve beyond your imagination, trust Me.”.  I stroked the side of his boyish face gently to assure him of my good intent. “Clean yourself up, we have a journey to make”. The power of my gaze, calmed him enough to get him to grin, and he immediately started to soap his nubile body.  The long strong masculine lines of his body and his six pack abs did not go unnoticed by Me, nor did his beautiful hard throbbing cock. As the drops of water formed tiny beads on his physique that animalistic urge that I felt earlier, outside of the gay club, had him on his back in a split second with my shrine positioned on his face.

“Feed from Me, my slave, you are going to need the stamina”. I said. Without much hesitation, his tongue started to explore My warm wetness. A slight moan escaped his mouth as he grabbed the top of My thighs closer to his face. I bore My superiority into his hungry mouth as he sucked on My clit while his tongue slowly circled around the edges of My swollen lips. As he greedily sucked the swell of my hot flesh, his muffled groans were enough to start my ascend into primordial ecstasy.  I was surprised how quickly my desire grew. I clenched his head between my powerful thighs and grabbed a handful of his soft golden locks tightly in my hands.  My body started to shake from the most intense sensation that I have ever felt.  My convulsions were so fierce, that nick’s long body began to convulse as well.  We were like bucking bronco and rider.

“Arghhh, oh yes, I am coming, 000hhh” I heard myself mutter,  My orgasmic spams gyrated against nick’s eager tongue that produced a sultry flush of come like I had never experienced.

“Oh Mistress, you taste sooo good, oh” I heard nick whisper as he lapped and sucked all of Me into him like a new vampire feeding from the blood of his Master.

“Mistress, please, oh Mistress, can I ohhhh, I can’t, I’m,  I’m coming”.  As I felt his lower regions pulse into the air, I  managed to turn my head and see his raging hard on, throb violently, as a waterfall of thick white fluid poured out into a stream of ecstasy, that flowed into a river all over his strong upper thighs and delicious abs. His erotic reaction to Me, caused My orgasm to continue to pour My heavenly nectar into his  mouth. Our bodies felt like they were being lifted into the universe by a momentum beyond anything mortal. After what seemed like an eternity, the movement of our bodies stopped and I slowly lay my satiated body on top of his. I noticed a strength in my movement that prior to the mind blowing orgasm I’d had a few minutes ago, was not there. I glanced at Nick and noticed his once tame look, was more feral. His once lanky muscular, physic, was a mass of ripping muscles.  Past his bulging veins I could see that his blood looked like a potent serum of vitality.

Instinctively,  I sunk my teeth,  now more like canines, into one of those bulging veins of his substantial neck.

“Mistress, what, what,  arghhh are you… ?” He murmured, not being able to get the words completely out. By the way he offered his neck to My feral bite, I could tell he liked it. I latched on and pierced through his taut skin until I felt his thick liquid gush into my mouth.  Like  pomegranate juice, it was sweet and tart at the same time. I pulled back to see a heavy deep red plush liquid flowing from his neck. Although, his low groans were those of pleasure, I placed my mouth back on the small wounds I inflicted on him, to stop the blood flow and closed his skin back to its un punctured state.  I bit down on the artery on my wrist and drew My own blood.  It was the same plush liquid that spilled from Nicks neck.  It wasn’t so much the taste of blood I was after, as I was to see the new potency that filled us both.

This potency was the Nectar of Goddesses. By feeding nick my Nectar, I transferred a unworldly power unto him. I sensed our immortality, nick was now stronger than all humans. However, as his Maker, his power was less than mine.

“Mistress, something is different, I feel different, invincible, if I may say so Mistress”.

“Yes, I believe we are invincible, the situation is  more than I can explain right now. We have little time to dwell on the matter because it is time to gather My army”. With little effort I pushed myself off of him and extended my arm out to pull his potent body up to a standing position.”

“It’s time for our hunt”

Before I knew it our mortal forms were changed into two feline Cheetahs, the fastest running land animal on earth. We glanced at each other not sure about anything as our instincts overtook us.

At the speed of light we were out of the door and running from 0 to 60 miles in 3 seconds flat. With nick only a few feet behind Me, I saw our prey several miles away, Navy Seals preparing for danger wherever that may be.

Those boys were mine now, to protect the Island of Mistress Chase.





























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One of my long time slaves called me for a session recently.  “Mistress, I would like to see you tomorrow at 4pm for two hours  if you are available?”

I paused on the line for a moment because as my long time slave, slave of Mine, as I named him, was trained by Me, early in his service, to always start by specifically asking, “Mistress, I would like to serve You, if you are available”, when he wanted a session. He has been very diligent in doing this for the three + years of his service to Me. Why had he decided not to follow protocol today?

Not long after he started sessioning with Me, I discovered he was a service slave, he enjoyed nothing more than doing things I asked him to do, chores, errands, laundry, emailing, organizing, cleaning my leather and latex, handy work around the dungeon or my home, driving Me about and so forth. Worshipping My feet was his favorite. he could this for hours.  slaves came a dime a dozen, good slaves, foot or otherwise, were hard to find.

He did not care for pain or extreme inescapable bondage, being loaned out to other Mistresses, sessioning with other slaves, or watching Me with other slaves. And although he kept it to himself, I sensed a slight jealousy streak.

Being a Mistress for ten + years, ones instincts are honed in a way that vanilla folk can’t always understand. Lets put this way, if I were a shady character I could start my own 800 physic, I can read your thoughts, bullshit  phone line….but a shady character I am not. With that being said I knew it was time to reset My slaves clock and get him on the right service path with Me again. That is  if he wished to continue his service to Me. I would soon find out.

I  did not disclose My thoughts to slave of Mine over the phone, as I thought it best to surprise him. That way the assurance that I remain ten steps ahead of him when it came to our D/s relationship would be reestablished through my actions, instead of words.

slave of Mine, rang the doorbell right at 4pm. Always punctual, I had to give him that. The dungeon girl, who we simply named girl, was around all day to let the various Mistresses’ visitors in. Amongst other things, that was her job. It was a busy day at the dungeon. slave of Mine entered with a beautiful bouquet of blood-red Amaryllis in his hands.

I remained seated in My chair, as he came over got on his knees, bowed his head, inches from my feet and presented the lovely bouquet to Me.

“For you My Mistress”.  Always thoughtful.  However, that would not make up for his earlier blunder.

“Thank you slave”. I said without taking the flowers from him and rising from my chair. I opened the door and called for girl. Without hesitation she shuffled easily towards Me. She had a lovely geisha like quality about her.

“Put the flowers slave brought for Me in a vase, get my gum ball  gag out of my closet, as well, fetch my coat, gloves & purse”.  She did all these things effortlessly and in good time.  I took the ball gag from her, walked over to slave of mine, whose head was still bowed and put it in his mouth.

The punishment gag, another name I gave it because of its girth, was not a favorite among slaves because of its large size.  It filled an entire mouth and forced it uncomfortably open. Nevertheless, slave of Mine accepted it because it was what I wanted. Once I secured the straps tightly behind his head, I walked around to the front of him, positioned my hand into a fist, turning my hand sideways so the back part of my hand was right in front of the gag and gave it a slight, yet firm pound once into his mouth.  This action forced slave’s head back and a slight groan to travel up his throat.  This final push was necessary to assure that the gag was inside of the mouth correctly. It also, gave Me perverse pleasure to give this daunting push, as the receiver never expects it the first time and fears it from there on.

“Restrain his hands behind his back”. I instructed slave girl. She set my belongings down and did as she was told. I grabbed a thin black cotton hood, with an opening for the nose & mouth from the equipment rack and placed it over his head.  I motioned for slave girl to help me put on my gloves and coat.

“Pull up my car to the front, we are going for a little outing”.  I got my keys out of my purse and handed them to her. The last of slaves adornments were the leash and collar, which I placed around his neck, in silence. He was used to a lot of verbiage from Me but tonight he would be ignored while being forced to watch Me with others. I lead him out the car, carefully, so he wouldn’t fall.

“Go slowly, I step, you step” I whispered in his ear. “Whatever you do, do not walk into Me”.  Sensing something was amiss and unfamiliar, he carefully obeyed. I heard his heart beat, his brain scrambling. He wanted to balance what I had unbalanced. No chance of that. When girl opened the back door I pushed his head sideways onto the back seat and pushed his body flat down on the seat and fastened his bound feet, with snap hooks to the rings of the leather cuffs on his hands.

Unaware that we were going to one of Mistress Natalia’s Goddess Foot Worship parties,  slave of mine; helpless, bound & gagged, brought a smile to My face.  Instinctively I knew that this was the right course of action to take.

When I drove through the gates to Mistress Natalia’s home, her long time slave, hector was out front of her sprawling home to assist the guests, he opened my door and offered to help with whatever I needed. Mistress Natalia’s parties were always the best, her team of devotees left nothing unattended.

“Good evening Mistress Chase”.

“Good evening Hector,  help Me get my slave out of the backseat, please”.

“Yes Mistress Chase, my pleasure”.  He replied, opening the back door and undoing the hooks that bound slaves feet to his hand. he helped him out of the car and offered slave’s leash to Me to escort him in.

“Take him to the Punishment Tree in the back, tie him securely, so that he is facing the house. Take off his shirt and leave everything else on, replace his gag with this smaller one”, I instructed him, handing him a smaller gag from my coat pocket.I opened the trunk of My car and pulled out a Victorian style posture collar.  “Use this posture collar, so he is forced to watch everything. I will have nothing to do with this slave for the time being”.

”Consider it done Mistress”. Hector assured Me, as he gazed pitifully over my restricted slave. hector’s rope bondage technique was superb. I knew he would not disappoint Me.

I made my way towards the house as the two slaves followed behind Me. I knew how slave of Mine hated it when someone else took control of him.  I relished his suffering.  If slave wanted to be owned exclusively by Me, it was Time to learn to never take that ownership for granted again.

“Hello Mistress Chase”, Mistress Natalia said, as I entered her house, “So glad you could make it”.

“I wouldn’t have  missed it for the world, Natalia”. I responded noticing what a lively party it was, music, food, drink, pedicure & manicure stations throughout.  The Mistresses looking very happy to get their feet pampered by foot slaves who were eager to please them. As hector and my slave entered behind Me, all eyes focused on My slave, led by hector. It was evident by him being led to the punishment tree, in the manner that he was that he was being punished. I put my fingers to my lips, letting everyone know not to utter one word about the slave. I wanted him to feel the silence as he was being led out back.  He knew about the punishment tree.  No attention was to paid to him whatsoever. He had seen other slaves punished at the tree during previous visits with Me at some of  Mistress Natalia’s events. Tonight it was  his turn.  I smelled his fear.

As soon as hector closed the door behind him everyone continued on with their fun and I couldn’t wait to join them.  Mistress Natalia and I talked shop for a bit while I  had a pedicure slave attend to My feet, in perfect view of My slave. Actually, everything I did this evening was in full view of My slave.  His punishment didn’t need to be physical or hands on, just being forced to watch  someone else tending to Mistress was punishment enough for him. Although, he knew I had a harem of slaves, which included a few favorites, he fancied himself my favorite.  He would have to earn his way back into his coveted position.

One of my favorite female massage slaves, 24/7, who was on loan to attend to others this evening by her Mistress Elise, came beckoning, head down, on her knees, extending her hands out to Me. Trained to do this by her Mistress, she was letting Me know she was at My service.

“Yes, lovely, please massage My arms, neck & shoulders, it would be a relaxing  addition to My pedicure”. I sat back as, 24/7 started her delicious massage. Being a licensed masseuse that loved to serve, her massage technique was absolutely divine. So much so, I have had the pleasure of her coming to my home and giving Me massages. The kindness of this gesture never went unnoticed by Me, as I always always made sure to send Mistress Elise, gifts of gratitude.

As the party progressed, I joined the Mistresses laughter, sought the services of the  scantily clad servants carrying trays of various delicacies and wines from around the world.  All the foot slaves were busy  massaging the Mistresses feet & arms  with precious oils.  Mistress Natalia was known for covering every detail at her parties. I did not miss to many. I gazed out at My slave, misery  written all over his face, like a chalkboard with too much chalk on it, as hector tied him into another bondage position. hector’s love of bondage evident.  His instincts were on point as to when the subject needed to be released from bondage or be tied differently.  He knew that leaving a subject in bondage to long could cause damage to ones circulation and can cause nerve damage.  My slave’s threshold was being pushed. I knew just how much to push and when it would be enough. And much to his credit he did not utter the safe word. If he had I would of immediately have him taken down, dismissed him as my slave and have hector drive him back to his car.  Instead took his punishment as he should. My guess was that by now he was fully aware of his mistake and was ready to  rectify it.  Not just yet!


“Is Mistress satisfied with her pedicure?” the foot slave asked as he applied the final top coat to My last toe.

“Yes, you’ve gotten a lot better than you used to be, practice makes perfect”. I replied getting up to give My slave his last punishment. Both slaves stepped aside, clasping their arms behind their backs and bowing their heads.

As I made My way outside, hector quickly opened the sliding class door.  When I reached My slave, I untied his small mouth gag that I had put on him earlier.

“Now, what is it you wish to say to Me, slave?”

In obvious distress, his body weak and his spirit shaken, he managed to say “Forgive this slave of Yours, Mistress,  for not addressing You properly today.  It was an error on my part and will not happen again”.

“Why did you address Me incorrectly?”

“It was a slip of the tongue Mistress, I wasn’t thinking clearly this morning, due to other things going on in my life”

“I am offended to be confused with “other things” in your life”.

“Oh no Mistress, You definitely, are not, I am truly sorry”.

“Do you wish to remain in My service?”

“Oh yes Mistress, if you will allow this slave to remain in Your service, I will be forever grateful”.

“Clearly, you thought you could speak to Me anyway you wanted today and I am not sure why and I need to be assured this will never happen again”.

“Oh no Mistress, it will never happen again, I’m sure of it”.

“I am not sure of what you say, however, there is something you can do to make Me feel more certain that you understand this disrespect towards Me will not happen again”.

“Anything Mistress!” The desperation in his voice immediate.

“Good”, I replied, facing him and whispering My instructions in his right ear. “you will remain facing the party, while you say “Mistress, how may I serve You?”, over and over until I give you permission to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”.  He answered, his voice  shaky.

“If you stop before I give you permission, I will give hector permission to whip you with one of Mistress Natalia’s bullwhips, do you understand?”

He was quick to respond with “Yes Mistress, that won’t be necessary, Mistress”.

“I hope not. Start with the proper way to address Me, now”.

He started immediately. I instructed hector to continue to monitor him, as his arms were strung over his head and tied to the branch above him, with only the posture collar to hold his head up. I knew that he could safely be in this position, without pulling muscle for about fifteen minutes.

Once inside, I reached for a class of wine from one of the serving slaves and mingled with the crowd, occasionally looking up to see My slaves, mouth moving. He was truly sorry and had learned his lesson. After fifteen minutes went by and his mouth was still moving, I motioned for hector to bring him to Me. hector released him, taking the posture collar off. To bring his circulation back he had slave move his arms around for a bit and then fastened the leash to his collar and walked him through the crowd. My slaves, head hung low he was shamed and humiliated in front of everyone. This type of punishment is what he hated most and therefore I gave it to him.

“Thank you  hector, you are free to go and tend to your other duties, Mistress Natalia has trained you well”.

“Thank you Mistress”. hector replied bowing his head and making his way to where he was needed next.

I snapped my fingers twice for slave to sit next to Me. “you do not have permission to speak, so don’t utter a sound”.  he fell at my feet, exhausted, tired and probably very hungry. I handed him some water and the left overs on My plate. he sat quietly, taking in the much needed nourishment. He was glad to be back by My side.

He would never make this mistake again, this I knew. I patted his head as he ate, and resumed My conversation with those around Me, not allowing him to touch My feet, just yet.

A Mistresses work is never done.